PACC-Krakow Delegation

A Press Briefing Featuring Members of the Krakow & Malopolska Trade Mission to Chicago was held Wednesday, October 4, at the Copernicus Center Annex, 5214 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, IL. Members of the 30-person trade mission include representatives of businesses from Krakow and the Malopolska Region; representatives of trade and economic development agencies; Marshal of the Malopolska Region; Vice President of the City of Krakow; the CEO of Krakow Airport; and the CEO of LOT Polish Airlines, Rafal Milczarski.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner came to the meeting and praised LOT Airlines and Mr. Milczarski for reestablishing the direct Krakow-Chicago air route, this summer and for the newly announced LOT Direct Flights, Chicago-Budapest starting in spring of 2018.


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