The Holy Crown of Hungary(Crown Jewels) are the oldest Crown Jewels in all of Europe.
There are significant reasons why the Holy Crown of Hungary is special and even unique.

There were three types of crowns in Europe:
the Ruler Crown - used at official events,
the Home Crown - used in everyday life and
the Initiation Crown - used in the coronation ceremony.

The Holy Crown of Hungary is an Initiation Crown used only in the coronation ceremony whereby the King became the Prince of State as well as the Prince of the Holy Church.

The Holy Crown symbolizes the totality and authority of the nation, with the people pledging allegiance to the crown not the king. Even the king would pledge allegiance to the crown and thereby become one with the nation. This symbiotic relationship fused the ruler to the nation under the Holy Crown.

The QwickGuide™ to the Holy Crown of Hungary provides valuable information about this unwritten constitution which formed a representative government.

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