Wedding of King Matthias

On Saturday, the 18th day of the month of May in the year 2013, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon at St. Stephen King of Hungary Church located at 2015 West Augusta Boulevard, Chicago; the Hungarian, Hunyadi Matyas Scout Troop #19 sponsored a mock wedding.

The Royal Court of Buda Castle invited everyone to this celebration!
His Highness, Matthias Corvinus, crowned King of Hungary and its territories, wedding the daughter of King Ferdinand I., Beatrice of Naples!

The dinner prepared by Gyula Szilagyi & Crew included the following:
Appetizer: Poultry morsels with Tuscan spices in aspic;  Soup: Capon soup with spiral noodles;  Main Course: Roast Platter & Dessert: Apple and Cheese Pies,