Hungarian Memorial Day

On Sunday, June 4th the Hungarian community of Chicago remembered those who over the centuries were willing to sacrifice all in defending the homeland. Special emphasis was placed on remembering the Treaty that carved up Hungary after WWI. Trianon reduced Hungary to a third of its historical size, leaving Hungary stripped of its population, territory and mineral wealth, as well as, its direct cultural ties to ancestral homelands. A greater travesty could not have been levied against the very nation that helped establish Christianity and Western Culture in Europe. This to be the payback for having defended Europe over the course of 700 years against the Ottoman incursions was indeed the most hurtful cut of all.

Many of these Hungarians, including Consul General Bencsik, also attended the farewell to Rev. Andras Balogh and his wife Eva later in the afternoon.


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These Photos are provided courtesy of Csaba Zongor